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Our History

Deeds to church property reveal that there have been three church buildings, and that each church was built on a different plot of ground, all adjoining. We trace our beginnings back to the late 1700s. When did the church begin? Could it have occurred in 1773 when traveling preacher would pass every two or three months? One of these preachers was Edward Maxey, Fine Creek's first pastor. He was present at the organization of Skinquarter Church in 1775 and was pastor of Fine Creek when he died of small pox in 1781. Early records of the church were lost, but we believe that the church was constituted in 1777. We do know that there was a meeting house for worship on these grounds from 1773 until the present.


According to the minutes of the Middle District Baptist Association, of which Fine Creek is no longer a member, the association meeting was held at Fine Creek on Aug. 28, 1824. Luther Rice delivered the introductory discourse.


The present sanctuary was built in 1903. The educational building was built in 1949 and an addition was added in 1957. A parsonage was built in 1961 and a picnic pavilion was built in 1985. In 1990 a vestibule was built onto the front of the church building and in 1993 a Fellowship Hall was built.



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